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addiction is

similar to

addiction to

alcohol or drugs.  While the majority   of people  

who play games of chance

are not problem gamblers or gambling addicts,

for someone  in recovery one bet, just like one drink, can result in   a serious setback.”


Help for Problem/Addiction Gambling


For some people, scratching off a lottery ticket or spending the afternoon at a slot machine may spark addictive behavior that can ruin careers, destroy families and threaten personal well-being.


The JFS Gambling Recovery Program provides treatment to teens, adults, seniors and their families for problem and / or compulsive gambling. Diagnostic and intervention therapy includes vocational counseling,

psychiatric and financial consultation and crisis intervention.                    


The JFS Gambling Recovery Program is open to residents of

Erie & Niagara County.


More Resources for Problem / Addiction Gambling


Gamblers Anonymous

New York Council on Problem Gambling, Inc.

New York State Office of Alcoholism

   and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS)